What is par level? and how to set it up?


What is it?

Par levels are the ideal amount of inventory you want in stock after you receive an order.
This is the full-stock-no-room-for-anything-we're-good-for-a-week state. 

Why should I use it?

Setting up par levels will allow you to use "fill to par" when ordering. MarketMan would suggest an automated cart, based on your on-hand inventory and par levels.

HOW TO SET PARs - Step by Step

1. Go to "Orders" > "Place orders"

2. Click on "Set par" next to the item
    To edit an existing par level, click on the par number.

3. Enter the par QTY - this is for full cases! 
    You can also set the par by the UOM - see below.

4. Click the checkmark to save.

Mastering this feature Set par by UOM if needed

 You can also set pars by the UOM- for example, if you're buying an item in bulk but using only 0.25 per week, you could set it up on the item (reachable from ordering screen, of course, just click on the pencil next to the item!)

1. Click an inventory item

2. Enter a par level (In your UOM)

3. Press save


Extra tips - from the experts!


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