Delivery notes/packing slips and consolidated invoices

What is it doing? 

If your supplier is providing you delivery notes with the deliveries, and then a consolidated invoice at the end of the month, MarketMan allows you to handle this quickly with just a few clicks!

HOW TO Recieve with a delivery note - Step by Step
  1. Go to "Orders" > "Recieve orders"
  2. Click on the order you'd like to receive, and then click on "Receive with delivery note"
    Or, if you didn't place the order through MarketMan, just click on "Receive with delivery note"

  3. Delivery notes are allowed to be entered with or without totals, so make sure to select the correct type for the one you get from your supplier.
  4. Then continue just like receiving an order regularly.
    Don't forget to hit "save"!
HOW TO - Enter a consolidated invoice - Step by Step
  1.  Go to "Accounting" > "Invoices"
    Then select the delivery notes that are on the invoice.
    You can sort the view to "delivery notes" only for easier search, or search by document number.

  2. Click on "Actions" > "Add consolidated invoice"

  3. Then enter the invoice number, confirm the total and save!
    Here you can see the list of delivery notes you're consolidating (you can also click into the invoice to check it out if needed)
    On the bottom, you can see the list of individual items consolidated in this invoice.

  4. You can now export the consolidated invoice to your accounting software.


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