Excluding a supplier from branches (multi-unit only)

What does "excluding supplier" help with? 

MarketMan gives you full control over the supplier availability across the chain. If you have a supplier that you only approve one location to use, you can easily make it visible ONLY for that location!

This is controlling ALL items from this supplier. If you need to control only specific items, you should use Assortments for this setup.

  1. Go to "Suppliers" > "Suppliers"
    And search for the supplier you're looking to exclude.
  2. Click on "Locations" next to the supplier name to view all locations and set up the permissions.
  3. Click on the line of the location you want to exculude:
  4. This will open up the supplier pop-up. Make sure to mark the "orders" part as "Not for orders"
Mastering supplier control - Make sure you're picking the correct option for you!
  • "Not for orders" will remove this supplier from your ordering list AND from your scanning options.
    If you want to keep scanning invoices for this supplier, do not mark it as "not for orders"!
  • If you need to exclude only specific items from a location, you should use the Assortments feature
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