What is it doing? 

Assortments in MarketMan are meant to help you manage your inventory availability within the locations. 
For example, some locations may offer different menu items or different modifications. Within MarketMan, assortments can be made to ensure locations only see the relevant items available for orders, counts, and transfers.

This is a setup, done in the HQ!

Why should I use it?

With a MarketMan Head Quarters account managing multiple locations, by default, all items are shared across all locations. Assortments allow you delicate only relevant items to each location.

The most common ways of using assortments are:

- By location
- By region
- by category

  1. Go to Inventory > Assortments
    Assortments Tab: All inventory items, subrecipes, and preparations will default to a General Assortment. 
    Here you will be able to add new assortments, edit the names, and see more details (buyers, items, and purchase items) that you have associated with that assortment.

    To add a new assortment, click on "Add".
    To edit an existing, click on the little pencil under "edit"

  2. Purchase Items Tab: A full list of all inventory items. Here you can filter by supplier, category, etc and bulk assign items to an assortment.

  3. Sub-recipes & Preps Tab: Assign subrecipes and preparations to an assortment  

  4. Buyers Tab: Now that we have the assortment ready with the items in it, let's connect it to the right locations!

    Select the location, and click Actions > Bulk update
    then select the assortments you want to apply (the location will have access to the items in those assortments)

    Don't forget to hit "Save"!

Mastering Assortments - You can manage assortments directly on the inventory item, subrecipe, and preparation 
  1. Go to Inventory > Inventory items
  2. Select the items you want to add to the assortment(s)
    Then click on Actions > Bulk update > Assortments
  3. In the pop-up, select the assortments you want to apply for the selected items, and click Save!

You can also add an assortment for individual items

  1. Click on the item to open the item pop-up and click the arrow on the right hand side to expand the details. From there click Additional settings
  2. Click on where it says assortments to choose which assortment/assortments the item should go to, and press save!


    3. For sub-recipes and preparations, the assortment tab can be found on the top of the recipe

Assigning Menu Items to Specific Locations

You can now add and remove menu items from appearing at specific locations on an individual level! 

1. Open up your menu item and navigate to the Location tab


2. By checking and unchecking the Allocation box you can add or remove an item from a location



Extra tips - from the experts!

 For all bulk updating of items, you can:
- Add assortments
- Delete them (= remove the item from the assortment)
- Set Assortments (= reset the selected assortment(s) to be the only ones for the item)




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