How do I receive an order without scanning?

What is it doing?

Receiving orders is the process of reconciling the invoice you get from your supplier with the inventory items you ordered. 
Just like in real life, when you go over the invoice/delivery note and make sure you got everything you ordered, we do this in MarketMan to have the final expenses recorded in the system.

Why should I use it?
  1. Receiving orders is the most important task in creating your reports - these are your actual expenses.  You can also scan your invoices and have our team receive them for you!
    Side note: orders you're placing are not calculated into any COGs reporting, only received invoices are included.
  2. Once you have your invoices in MarketMan, you can pay them directly from MarketMan (US only), and export to your accounting software in 1 click! 
HOW TO RECEIVE - Step by Step

If you're holding a delivery note with no totals, check out how to receive with delivery notes!

  1. Go to "Orders" > "Receive orders" 
  2. If you placed the order in MarketMan, click on the order number of the order you are receiving on the receive orders screen. Then click "Receive with invoice."


    If you did not place the order through MarketMan, you can click on "Invoice without Order" at the top, and follow the steps on this article.
  3. In the pop-up window you can drop a file there for our team to receive for you- check it out here, or select "Enter invoice manually."
  4. The invoice will open up - this is when we get to finalize the details of what happened in real life: Were you shorted? Did something break on its way in? Let's start with the top left part.
    Enter the document type, the invoice number, the document date, and the total.
    Depending on your locale and tax setting, you might have the ability to enter a tax amount that was collected for this invoice.
    Payment due date defaults to your supplier payment terms, which you can edit on the supplier details page, but you can edit per invoice here as well.
  5. Go down the list of the items on the invoice, and reconcile each line in MarketMan.
    This is where you can update order quantity, prices, taxes (depending on your locale), or received quantity - as you go and make those changes, you'll see credits automatically opened for each change. You can decide to un-click those credits if you don't need credit from your supplier after all. 
  6. Finally, you want to make sure the total in MarketMan matches the total on the invoice.
    Don't forget to hit save!
    If the totals do not match there will be a warning to force you to hit save twice in order to ensure you want to process a not fully allocated invoice.
  1.  If you placed the order through MarketMan click Order History, if you did not place the order through MarketMan click Receive Order and jump to step 5.
  2.  If you placed the order on MarketMan, you'll see it on the list - click on the one you're receiving. If you would like to scan, click on the scan invoice button and scan it - here are the detailed instructions!
    If you want to receive manually, click Receive on the bottom right. 
  3. Enter in the invoice number and total, then click next.
    You can also change the invoice date if needed, but it will be automatically populated based on the delivery date!

  4. Go through the lines- when you click on each item, you can edit that line: 
    - Update any prices/quantities
    - Add any additional items needed
    - Make sure you double-check the totals match!
    - Once everything is correct don't forget to hit Save!

    Note: By clicking the three green dots on the top right you can Edit Document Header, Add an Image, or Add a Comment

  5.  If you did not place the order through MarketMan you can still manually receive the order by clicking Receive Orders - Manual  


6. Choose the supplier you are receiving an order from, and enter the invoice number, date, and total

supplierr_choose.png           total_invoice.png


7. Next add the items from your invoice including quantity and price adjustments if necessary 

search_item.png              item_amount.png

8. Once all items are added press saved and you are done! 


Mastering Receiving - Applying credits for an invoice

 MarketMan automatically creates credits for you when you're receiving orders.
The next time you receive an order from this supplier, if you have a credit they applied- you can add it on the invoice directly!

  1. Click on "Actions" > "Add credit from list"
  2. Then just select the credit they applied from the available list:

    This is NOT a mandatory step - read all details about our credits and accounting here.
Extra tips - from the experts!

When you come to enter an invoice- our goal is to match everything that happened in real life with the invoice in MarketMan - To make this process easy and fast:

  • Start by entering the invoice details (number, date, totals)
  • Then take a quick look at the total on the bottom right - does it match the total on your paper invoice? Does it match the total you entered at the top (after-tax, if applies)?
  • If totals are matching- just save the invoice! We already know it's ok and you got all items for the expected prices.
  • If the totals are not matching- go through the invoice line by line- match the line totals - it's the easiest.
  • You can use the mark button to highlight which items you have already reconciled and you can drag the items using the arrows on the left to reorder the invoice if need be. 
  • What do the icons mean in accounting, invoices under the Type column?

    1. The frame icon means the invoice was scanned

    2. The MarketMan icon means the invoice was received manually

    3. The house/shop icon means it’s an official supplier’s invoice


 Manually Receiving on the App!





Click on the questions to view the answer and step-by-step how-to!  

How do I update prices without issuing a credit?

If you order produce or meat items by weight, you probably noticed the price changes frequently.
If you accept the prices and don't want a credit from your supplier.
Just uncheck the "credit" box next to the item:

If you have a supplier you never get credits from, you can set it up on the supplier pop-up, on the very bottom - make sure to uncheck the "create credits" box:




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