How do I place an order?


What is Ordering?

Ordering in MarketMan is allowing you to send your orders via email or text message directly from the app or web system. 

We also have the ability to "fill to par" - which brings up the auto-suggestion for ordering, based on your current inventory levels.  

Why should I use MarketMan Ordering?

1. Streamline everything-ordering into one place. One-stop shop, for real!

2. Par ordering - there's nothing like placing an order of 100 items in 20 seconds


1. Navigate to "Orders" > "Place orders"

2. You can sort by supplier, category or storage area:
    filtering options

When you are on the place orders screen you will see that your on hand is automatically showing up. Remember this on hand is coming in by the case and automatically! Check out this article on how to see your MarketMan on hand calculations in full.

3. To add items to your cart, just click the plus button next to the item
    or manually type in how much you need

Add items to cart

4. Your cart will build on the right as you go.
    You can edit the quantity of the items in your cart by clicking on them and adjusting the QTY
Change quantity in cart.png

5. You can also add comments, pick your delivery date, and then just click send!


1. Click on the Purchasing tab and select new order



2. Choose your supplier and begin selecting your items. 

Image_from_iOS__5_.png         Image_from_iOS__3_.png

**You can press the blue plus button on the top right to fill to par


3. Press the shopping cart icon on the top right hand side to view your cart, choose the delivery date, and then press the green send order button to send to your supplier! 



Mastering Ordering  Fill to par: Ordering the easy way

MarketMan offers a "fill to par" option, which brings up a suggested order, based on your on-hand inventory levels and pars.

To use this feature, set your pars (right here on the ordering screen!)
Tip: Filling to par will be the most accurate right after an inventory count.

Check this article about pars for the full details

Extra tips from the experts
  • Set all your suppliers ahead of time to create a seamless experience while ordering.
  • As you go through your inventory when placing the order, you can filter by supplier, category or storage area.
  • Use the comments to communicate any messages to your supplier/rep.
  • If you have a repeating order, something that you order exactly the same every day / week-you can set up a weekly schedule for automated orders
  • Want to control your ordering process 100%? You can use our PO Approval feature!


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