Setup my suppliers


What is it doing?

The supplier cards in MarketMan allow you to manage all of your supplier details in one place-
From the delivery days to payment terms, contact info, accounting and more.

Why should I use it?
  1. Have a one-stop-shop for all of your suppliers
  2. Use these details later on in MarketMan:
    - Delivery days setup will be used for ordering
    - Accounting setup will be used for accounting export
    - Payment terms will be used on the invoices and for payments
  1. Go to "Suppliers" > "Suppliers"
  2. To add new suppliers, click on "Add" at the top right
    To edit an existing supplier, click on the supplier name.
  3. Under the "Orders" part, we'll set up the ordering details.
    If you do not want to order from this vendor you can easily mark it not for orders. It is important to remember: if you mark his supplier "not for orders" you'll also not be able to scan invoices for this supplier on the app.
    If you do want to order from this vendor make sure for orders is selected and all the below information is filled out.
    - Email / Phone number to send the orders to
      One of those will be mandatory in order to save this supplier details, but you do not need both   
      (You can have both if needed, of course!)

    - Customer number - add this if your supplier is using those for incoming orders

    - Minimum order - This is the $ threshold you need to meet to qualify for delivery.
      If your supplier will not deliver under $100 for example, you should enter 100 in. This will prevent unintentional orders under the limit.

    - CC email - this will send a copy of the order every time an order is sent.
       If you want your colleagues or any staff members to get a copy, enter the email(s) here.
  4. * Delivery days = this is where you set the delivery schedule from your supplier, and this one is mandatory for sending out orders.
    Tick the boxes next to the days you're getting deliveries in.
    Then select the cut-off time: this is the day and time you have to place the order by.
    This is currently saying that I get deliveries Monday and Thursday. And in order to get a delivery, I need to place the order by the previous business day, 4pm.
  5. Payment information
    This is where you can set the payment terms and enter the tax ID for your records!
    You can also set your supplier for ACH/ E-check payments directly in MarketMan.
  6. Accounting - we'll set this part later on, as part of our accounting setup
HOW TO SET A SUPPLIER FOR A CHAIN- Multi-locations with HQ!

In the HQ - you control setup for EVERYTHING, for the chain as a whole and individually.

  1. Go to "Suppliers" > "Suppliers"
  2. To add new suppliers, click on "Add" at the top right
    To edit an existing supplier for the chain as a whole, click on the supplier name.
    To edit an existing supplier for each location separately, click on "Locations"
  3. On the main supplier pop-up, you'll see the double-page icon for each field.
    This will allow you to copy the info in this field to ALL locations - and it's super customizable so you can copy only the relevant parts.

In the location, or in the HQ when you click "locations" you can control all of the details per location, by clicking on the location line:

Mastering Suppliers - Advanced setup options on the bottom

When you scroll down to the bottom of the supplier pop-up, under "General" you'll find a list of permissions and setup. 


  • Purchase goals - You can set this up easily directly from the dashboard! But you can obviously set this up in here as well. This will control the graph of goals on the dashboard.
  • Add this supplier to food cost - Do you want this vendor to be calculated in your food cost report in the MarketMan dashboard? If not, remove the checkmark next to this setting.
  • Allow this supplier to update pricing - if you have a connected vendor (this means does your vendor also use MarketMan or is it integrated into MarketMan like Sysco, US Foods, GFS, etc.) do you want them to push new pricing to you? - just tick the checkbox and save!
  • Create refund note for price differences - When the prices fluctuate for the vendor (Milk goes from $2 to $3) do you expect a credit or money back? If not, unchecking this box will remove the automated credits that you see when receiving invoices.
  • Allow scanning invoices from suppliers - This only applies to official/connected suppliers via EDI or API. If you check this box, you can scan in invoices from this supplier! If the box is unchecked, your scans to this supplier will be rejected and not processed
  • Automatically update prices from invoices - Enables users to decide which suppliers they want to update prices automatically while receiving orders. This checkbox controls the default state of the update price checkbox in the receive flow, and the accept price update flow in the irregular prices report. 
  • Display inventory item name in "Place Orders" screen - Enables the users to decide which item name will appear in the place orders screen. For example: your supplier labels chicken cutlets as "CHIX BRST B/S 5OZ SL" However you updated the friendly name to "Chicken Cutlets." This will not affect the name your supplier sees on your order


Extra tips - from the experts!

If you want to email or text your order to multiple emails/numbers/cc emails- you can just separate them with a comma!
So if you want to place an order to Josh and Jordan you will list it as:,
If you want to text both you would do: 2017350429,2017350428



Click on the questions to view the answer and step-by-step how-to!  

I no longer work with a supplier, what should I do?

This will delete ALL of your items and history information and it's irreversible!
Instead, go to the supplier setup and mark it "Not for orders" - this way the supplier name will not show up on the ordering screen, or when you're receiving invoices.


If you're still working with the supplier but just wish to hide a few items, follow the steps in this article!









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