What are Ordering Reports?
Ordering Reports are the three reports found in the Ordering section under Reports.
These reports summarize orders and enable you to view them by supplier, item, and category. 
In addition, the reports show the total amount of purchases and quantity accordingly.

Why should I use it?
Using these reports can provide valuable insights, improve ordering processes and enhance efficiency.
The "Orders by item" report enables you to analyze the popularity of different items and make informed decisions about inventory management.
The "Orders by supplier" report allows you to track order frequency per supplier by showing the total amount of purchase and the quantity of orders. 
The "Orders by category" report provides insights into your orders by section, allowing you to understand orders across different categories.


1. Go to "Reports" > "Ordering".
You can categorize every report by date, supplier, and buyer (only in HQ)

2. Click on the report you would like see:
Order by item:

Order by supplier:

Order by category:

Extra tips - from the experts!

1. The reports are only calculating orders that were sent out, not the final items you received on invoices.
2. For chain managers in HQ this is especially useful- you can follow up on every location and make sure orders are made through MarketMan as expected.

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