MarketMan- POS- Set Categories! (only for systems that don't send menu item categories to MM)

If you use one of these POS systems:

FRS, Micros, Retalix, Rashed Old, Rashed, Aviv, Presto, DinerWare, Kounta, Paypo, POSitouch Web v0.1, eMobilePOS, NFS Aloha, Micros Web v0.1, Mindbody.

You need to set your menu item categories. These POS systems are not sending the categories of the menu items when integrated with the MarketMan system.


Why should I do it?

You probably have categories assigned to your Menu Items in the POS. When these POS systems are connected to MarketMan, those categories are not pulled automatically with your menu items. Therefore, MarketMan is using the menu item categories created in MarketMan, so you can view your COGS and AVT reports accurately.
This article will explain how to map the MarketMan menu item categories and apply them to your POS transactions to accuratly reflect sales data in the reports.

How to?

1. First, make sure the menu items are classified into categories.
Go to "Inventory" > "Menu items": 

If they are not, first put them into categories.

2. Go to "Sales summary". Choose the daily sales lines:

3. Click on "Update POS Categories" Top right:

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