Commissary - Sales Reps

What are sales reps?

The Commissary sales rep determines who will get the orders- so if you have a designated sales rep or a specific person who gets the orders, you can define it.
It also determines how you'll get the orders - via mail, SMS, or both.

Why should I use it?

It enables you to choose how to conveniently receive orders from customers while saving you from having to define it manually for each customer.

How to? 

2. If you currently have reps in place, you'll see it here.
To edit an existing one, simply click on the one you want, then edit and save.
To add a new sale rep, click on "Add":

3. Add a name and all the details. Then choose the way you want to receive the order:

4. Don't forget to click on "Save"!

Important to know!

1. All users can see the sales reps, but only managers type users can edit it!

2. When you add the delivery policy and sales reps for one of your commissary customers, it will automatically change their commissary supplier settings!

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