Merge Suggestions For New Items

What is it doing?
When a new purchase item is added to the system, there is often a need to merge this item with an already existing inventory item. The system identifies if a new item that was added is similar to an existing item, and then suggests merge options to you.
You can review these suggested merge options and decide whether to add the new item as an additional purchase option to an existing one or keep it as a separate item.

why should I use it?
First, it ensures reporting accuracy. Then it prevents duplicate items, helps organize your inventory, and maintains system efficiency. 

How to?

After a new item was added to the system (usually from an invoice), please do the following:
1. Go to "Inventory items".
2. Click on "Manage new items".
3. All the new items that were added will show, on the right column you can see the merge suggestions:

4. Click on "Merge to existing".
5. Now select the option that you prefer to merge, and click on "Select".

5. The item you selected is now opened with the new item available as another purchase option.
Don't forget to click on "Save"!




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