Inventory counts - Automated zero in bulk for uncounted items

MarketMan offers a way for you to quickly mark uncounted items as zero in bulk, whether they are out of stock, newly added, or no longer carried.

Why should I do it?

This helps you manage your inventory more efficiently, saving you time compared to manual processes, and enables you to keep track of missing items more effectively.

HOW TO - Step by Step

1. Go to "Inventory"- "Inventory Counts". 
2. Click on "Add Count" to create a new one.

3. Count the items you need.
4. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Save" button. Now choose the option below “set zero to uncounted items”.

You'll have both options available:
If your count has a filter applied you can set zero to all uncounted items in this specific filter.
Or you can ignore the filter and apply an automated zero to all uncounted items.

If your count has no filter applied, you will have this option available:

Remember! A zero count would only be applied to items that were not counted on the same day. If an item has already been counted in a different inventory count on the same day, it will not be applied with zero.

4. Don't forget to hit "Save"!

HOW TO - On the app!

1. Go to "Inventory counts" and add a new count. 
2. Count the items you need.
3. Click on “DONE”. 
Now choose how to save the count- click on the option you prefer.

4. Don't forget to click on “CONFIRM

WARNING - Important To Know!

This action will affect all inventory count-related reports, such as AvT and COGS.

This action cannot be undone! Once you click "save", the only way to undo the change will be to recount the items you need.


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