How do I use cups, tablespoons or teaspoons in a recipe?

In order to use a cup, tbsp, or tsp in a recipe, the ingredient itself needs to have a definition of the worth of such measurement.
We differentiate between ingredients measured in volume, to those measured in weight / each.
For ingredients measured in volume (L, ml, fl-oz, etc.) the worth of a cup, tbsp, or tsp is automated.
For ingredients measured in weight or each, it is up to you to define the weight of a cup, tbsp, or tsp.

HOW TO CONVERT- step by step

To convert an inventory item's UOM:

1. Go to "Inventory items".
Click on the item you want to convert its UOM.

2. Click on "Add recipe conversions tab"- Top right.

3. Click on "+" to add the recipe conversion. 

4. Now edit the conversion details and define the equivalent amount of the original UOM in Cups/Tbsp/Tsp.

5. Don't forget to click on "Save"!

Now when this item is added to a recipe, the new UOM conversion will be available!

To convert a sub-recipe/preparation's UOM:

1. Go to "Inventory"-- "Sub-recipes / Preparations".

2. Click on the one you want to convert or add a new one.

(How to add new preparation or sub-recipe?)

3. Follow the steps 2-5 above.

WARNING- Important To Know!

First, once a specific UOM has been converted within an inventory item, it will not be available for another conversion.
Second, If you use a converted inventory item in recipes, sub-recipes, or preparations. you cannot change the UOM for the item afterward. If you try to do so, you may receive an error message prompting you to first change the UOM in the recipe.








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