Commissary - Delivery Policy

What is the Commissary delivery policy?

The Commissary delivery policy lists the available delivery options chosen by the commissary that customers can select from when placing an order for delivery.

Why should I use it?

This allows you to manage and control the delivery schedule according to your preferences, while also enabling customers to conveniently select their preferred delivery time from your policy.

How to? 

1. Go to "Setting" > "Delivery policy".
2. If you currently have a delivery policy in place, you'll see it here.
To edit an existing one, simply click on the one you want, then edit and save.
To add a new policy, click on "Add":

3. The policy settings will now open. Change the name to your choice, and click on "Add new delivery day":

4. Select the delivery day, cut-off day, and alert day. 
Then select the specific time for each.

5. Don't forget to click on "Save"!

Important to know!

1. All users can see the delivery policy, but only managers type users can edit it!

2. When you add the delivery policy and sales reps for one of your commissary customers, it will automatically change their commissary supplier settings!

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