What is the report showing?

This report is collecting all of your purchases information- for every single product (Purchase Option), with qty and prices.
To run this report, you'll need to receive at least 1 order, or have at least 1 processed scan. 

Why should I use it?
1. See how much we are purchasing specific products and how much we are spending on them.
2. Show your spending power for price negotiations. 

  1. Go to "Reports" > "Spend by Product"
    this report will automatically load the purchases of the current month, but you can select any date range you want to analyze. You can also filter by Supplier and Buyers when viewing it in HQ.
  2. On this report, you'll see a list of products with qty, UOM, average price of the product for the selected period, total spend, and the percentage of each purchase during the selected time frame

  3. You can use the search boxes under "Product Name" or "Category" to search for a specific item or category and narrow down all the rest of the values.
    You'll also see the total spend value for the sorted items on the bottom right.
Extra tips - from the experts!
  • A glimpse of this report is also available on the account's dashboard. Clicking on the card in the dashboard will take you to the actual report to see the details.
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