Inventory Counts 101 - How do I input an inventory count


What is it doing?

Inventory counts in MarketMan allow you to count your on-hand inventory in an easy, simple way. You can save a lot of time on counts by utilizing the various options in MarketMan. 
Counting is tough on you? - check out this helpful article with counting tips!

Why should I use it? And how often?
  1. You should count your inventory at least once a month, to get a starting/ending point of comparison, and to be able to run reports and understand your real inventory movements.
    As a best practice, we suggest taking an inventory count of your most expensive/important to track items on a weekly basis, and a full count at the end of the month.
    Our COGs report and actual VS theoretical report are both based on your counts, so having fresh counts every week will help you analyze the use of the counted items.

  2. Counting inventory regularly sends a message to your staff, letting them know you care and follow up on inventory, and that you will be noticing any waste or negligence resulting in a loss.

  3. Counting your inventory will also provide you with an inventory value report right away- you can use it to enter the inventory value in your accounting software and forward costs to the next month.
HOW TO - Step by Step
  1. Go to Inventory, Inventory Counts. 
    Click on "Add Count" to create a new one, or click on an existing count to edit.
    When counting your inventory, you should ALWAYS create a new count. Only edit if you made a mistake, or stopped in the middle and going back to counting.

  2. In the new count sheet:
    Enter a description - this should be anything to tell you the contents of this count. 
    The person's name? The area counted? - up to you, just make it clear!

    And time
    . This refers to the time of business you're taking the count- we're going to take the count when the inventory is not moving. Either before we open, or after we close:
    Day start means you are taking the inventory count before receiving any orders or making any sales. (If you think about it, today, "day start" is EXACTLTY the same inventory level of yesterday, "day end". So if you have new deliveries at the door, leave them out of the count!)
    Day end means you are taking the inventory count after a day of receiving orders and sales. 

  3. Now you can choose to filter by Storage area, by Category or by Supplier, in order to input your stock-take. We highly recommend utilizing the storage areas functionality!

  4. When you enter the quantity you have on hand for each item,
    - Make sure to enter so in the correct unit (are you counting a pack or a case?)
    - Once you enter the quantity, click away (or to the next unit box) and see the on-hand and value being calculated! **Remember that typing in 0 means you are out of something that you normally carry. Leaving a box blank means you are not counting that item today! 

  5. Don't forget to hit "save"!
    You should do this often as you keep counting- we don't wanna lose any information!
HOW TO - On the app! 
  1.  Go to "Inventory counts", and add a new count. Whether you are a manager or employee this button can be found either on the homepage or inventory tab
    new_count_1.png    new_count_2.png   Image_from_iOS__9_.png

  2. From there select if this is a Day Start or Day End count, add the date, description, and choose a storage area.



2) Filter as needed by category, item type, storage area, or supplier.  



3) Click on the name of the item, and then add in how much you have! 

 As you count items that are in multiple areas, you can see how much is in the storage area you are counting in, and how much of the item you have overall by clicking the storage area



5). Make sure to press save on the bottom right both as you go and when you are done! 


Mastering Counts - Adding and editing items during the count, and utilizing storage!
  •  You can add new items on the go right from the count sheet! **For single locations only
    Just click on "Actions" > "Add new item"

  • You can edit any of your items right from the count sheet. Hover over the item name, click on the pencil icon, and edit the item in the pop-up

  • You should take advantage of our Storage areas feature to make the counting proces faster and easier than ever!
Extra tips - from the experts!
  • An inventory count can be saved and locked, the lock feature is a managerial tool which allows you to lock the count after inputting it.
    An Employee user type in MarketMan does not have the ability to lock or unlock existing counts - this way after a count is locked, only a Manager type user can adjust if needed.
    If you don't see the lock feature, reach out your account manager or 

  • The on-hand value is calculated based on your recent invoices.
    You should make sure to update your irregular prices report on a regular basis to keep those prices up to date!


  VIDEO TUTORIAL- on the computer!

  VIDEO TUTORIAL- on the app!


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