Preparations and sale items


What are sale items? 

Sale items are anything that you make available to your customers / locations.
These could be based on inventory items if you're just purchasing them and reselling, or based on a preparation- which is anything you make in-house, including re-packaging or breaking cases. 

Why should I use it?
  1. To build your catalog, you must create your sale items!
    Those items will be displayed on your locations / customers catalog
  2. Easily manage your own production, ordering, and inventory, while simultaneously managing your customers' orders and requests. 
  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Sale item"
    Then click on "Add" top right

  2. Check the box on the preparation button at the very top of the pop-up to start building your recipe.

  3. Build the recipe - see full instructions here
    - Type in the name of our prep
    - Add a category
    - Set the yield UOM and qty (this is the full batch as you make it)
    - Add the ingredients 

  4. Scroll down to the "sale" part and fill out the catalog information: How are you selling this item?
    enter the item details just like you would for any inventory item: Name, UOM, product code, tax.

  5. The price field is automatically filled for you based on the recipe cost.
    You can change the price from "cost" to "manual" in order to add a markup.

    Don't forget to mark the item "In stock", otherwise locations/customers won't be able to order it! 
Extra tips - from the experts!
  • You can create a sale item from an existing preparation (or inventory item, of course)
    Just go to "Inventory" > "Preparations"
    Click on the item you want to add as a sale item, and tick the checkbox next to "Sale" on the top:

  • Then add the sale item details as explained above, in the "sale" section that will be added.
  • If you added the preparation or sale item by accident, you can delete it just be careful as that removes any historical data and cannot be undone!


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