Commissary Sale Items

What are sale items? 

Sale items are any catalog item that you make available for your customers to purchase from the commissary account. 

These can be based on two things:
1. Inventory item based sale items- items that are purchased and sold as they are.

2. Preparation based sale items- items that are made in-house, including re-packaging or breaking cases.

Why should I use it? 

1. To build your catalog, you must create your sale items!
Those items will be displayed on your locations / customers catalog

2. Easily manage your own production, ordering, and inventory, while simultaneously managing your customers' orders and requests. 

HOW TO create a sale item from an inventory item

1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items"

2. Choose an item, and select "For sale":

3. Now a new "Sale" tab will open. Define the sale item settings- product description, sale case and pricing:

4. Click on " Save".

HOW TO create a sale item from a preparation

1. Go to "Inventory" > "Preparations"

2. Follow steps 2-4 in from above.

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