What are incoming orders? 

Incoming orders are the orders that your customers/locations place to the CPU/commissary. MarketMan allows you to filter them by client, export a production list, and handle all delivery notes right here!

  1. Go to "Order fulfillment" > "Incoming orders"
    Here you'll see the list of all orders that were sent in, with the details: sent date, expected delivery date, status, etc.
    New orders will have the status "Sent". Once you interact with the order, it's "Confirmed" - meaning, you have viewed the order and will be handling it in time.
  2. Click on the order number to see the order details.
    from here, you can create a delivery note or print the order. (delivery note printing will be available on the note page!)
  3. Click on "Create delivery note" to open the delivery note editing screen
    You'll see the details of your order and will be able to change the date or add comments!
  4. On the bottom, you'll see the list of ordered items. this is where you can change the qty as needed!
    If you need to remove an item completely, you can simply delete it.
    You can also change the price here, but keep in mind this will change the price only for this invoice. To change an item price you should head to "Sale items" and change the price there, or if you're using price lists, change it at the price list level.
  5. Once you're done editing the delivery note, click on "save"!
    You can now see this delivery note in "Order fulfillment" > "Delivery notes".
Mastering incoming orders - Manage production / ordering based on needs
  • You can use the "Ordered items by customer" as a prep list / ordering list for the CPU.
    this could be very helpful to make sure you're not over-ordering or over-producing.
  • When you go to "Inventory" > "Production events" you have a button to create all events based on the orders!
    Click on "Actions" > "Production events by orders"
  • It is important to differentiate between orders the central production kitchen is placing to external suppliers vs. fulfilling for it’s stores.

    The "Orders" tab is focused on the orders you get from your vendors directly to the Commissary. The "Order fulfillment" will show you orders from your locations/customers.

Extra tips - from the experts

Do you have a minimum-order policy?
You can easily set this up as a company setup, so locations/customers won't be able to place orders under that $ amount.
Go to "Settings" > "Company"
On the right column, you can edit the minimum for orders if needed.





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