How can I tell the value of my inventory?


What is the Inventory Count Value report showing? 

The inventory count value report is an instant report that's created for you while you're counting your inventory. MarketMan collects all of the count quantities into this report.

To run this report, you'll need: At least 1 inventory count in MarketMan.

Why should I use it?
  1. Double-check the count entry for typos or entry errors
    It's the easiest to spot a 100k count of a specific item on this report!
  2. Export this report summary for your accountant- you can add that as inventory value at the end of the month (or end of the year) if you're tracking that.
  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory count value" 
    You'll see the last count details automatically pull up, but you can change the count selection on the top and view the values of previous counts as needed.
  2. You'll see a list of categories with totals, and you can click on the triangle to the left of each category in order to see the list of items under that category:
  3. You can use the search boxes under "Category" or "Inventory item" to search for a specific item or category and narrow down all the rest of the values.
    You'll also see the total value for the sorted items on the bottom right.
Mastering Count Value - Uploading inventory value to your accounting software

To download this report to Excel, click on the arrow down button.
If you have filtered the view by searching, only the filtered items will be downloaded.

After downloading, you can use the values to update your inventory value for a specific date in your accounting software.
Doing this will help you create a more accurate P&L, similar to the MarketMan COGs Report


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