Waste report - Mastering the waste report


What is the report showing?

This report is collecting all of your waste events into this colorful, beautiful report! Not only can you see the actual items wasted, but we have an awesome graph and analytics about your waste.

To run this report, you'll need to log waste events in MarketMan, preferably for over 2-3 days to see its full power.

Why should I use it?
  1. Analyze and understand where your waste is coming from, how it is trending, and how your purchases and waste are connected. 
    Read this article about saving money on waste with MarketMan
  2. Follow up on employees' tasks - if they're not logging waste as exepcted, this is where you'll see it right away!
  1. Go to "Reports" > "Waste report".
    You can select your date range, and narrow down the categories by selecting all or multi-selecting a few of them:

    If you're a chain manager and looking at this report in HQ, you'll be able to filter this report to show all locations or only specific locations.

  2. Total waste comparison - on the left

    This is showing you the total dollar amount wasted in the time period you chose for the report
    You can also see how this is trending compared to previous periods (months / week / custom number of days)


    This section will show you your total purchases for this time period, and what percent of those purchases went to waste. Just like the above section, you can see how this is trending compared to the previous period.

  3. Waste graph - on the right

    You can run this report by category, date, specific week, or reason
    Within each of them, you can choose if you want to "slice" the bars by other parameters like reason or category. This will give you a full 360 around your waste to understand where it's coming from, when and why!

    When you hover over the bar graph you'll see the totals and details for that part of the report.

Mastering the waste report Drill down to the item level
  1. On the bottom of the report, you can see each item that was wasted, the item type, the category, Qty, value of the individual item, and the total value of all the waste events recorded for that item.
    This can give you insights about specific items that create more waste than other items. 
    You can use the search boxes at the top of the table to filter by category or by a specific item

  2. On the top right, you can also click on "Show waste events" to view the events as entered.
    This can give you insights about specific shifts / employees that create more waste than others.

    To get back from that view, click on "back to report"
Extra tips - from the experts!
  •  You should avoid using the "other" reason for waste events. The customized reasons will be grouped under "other" for this report. Try to fit your reason within the pre-entered ones. 
    If you feel like another reason should be added, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  • You can add / remove a table view of the graph by clicking on the chart icon top right. This will show you the table view of the selected graph (totals per category, date, week and reason):




Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions at support@marketman.com or feel free to join our reporting webinar! Register HERE.


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