Ordering Errors - Why did I get this error?

  Missing delivery rules

Single location accounts:
If your supplier already exists in MarketMan, but you haven't set the delivery rules yet, you'll be able to build a cart, but won't be able to send the order before setting up the details.

What you should do:
Add the delivery rules. You can do that right from the cart! Just click on the pencil icon next to the supplier name:

See the full details of and step-by-step how to update suppliers here

Multi-location chains with HQ:
If you're placing an order from a location and the supplier setup wasn't done in the HQ yet, your order will go through from the location to a waiting list on the server.
What you should do:
Your chain manager will have to log into the HQ and set the supplier details for it to go through to the supplier. Please make sure to reach out to them in time to send your order!

  Minimum per order is X

If your supplier has a minimum dollar amount for deliveries, you won't be able to place an order until you meet this minimum (before delivery charges / added tax)

What you should do:
- Meet the minimum required to send your 
- If this is no longer the rule for this supplier, you can change the setup on the supplier details pop up.

  An error occurred, your order couldn't send (connection issue)

If you got this error this is most likely due to bad wifi / internet connection.

What you should do:
Try to move to another area, switch to a different network, or just wait a few minutes.
The draft will stay intact until it is sent.

  Order already placed to this supplier for this delivery date

This is more of a warning, not an error.

What you should do:
You could still send another order for the same day, but MarketMan will let you know that one or more orders were placed for the same delivery day, to avoid double-ordering on the team!
You can easily check the orders on the "order history" page.



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