How do I handle keg deposits and shipping/fuel/delivery charges?


How and why should I manage kegs/deposits in MarketMan? 

A lot of suppliers will add line items to invoices for expenses like keg deposits, fuel, shipping, delivery, or other charges associated with your order. These can very easily be managed in MarketMan by creating an inventory item for each associated charge and adding it to your invoice! 
You need to add those lines to balance the invoice, but you could also track the kegs on hand and make sure you're returning and getting your deposits back for all of them.

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory Items" and add a new item for your deposit, fuel, shipping, etc.
    If you have a few suppliers that are charging you deposits, you'll need to have an item like this for each supplier, so it's available to add on their invoices.
    You can also add this item directly from the invoice editing screen while receiving your order!

    Since this is not a real "inventory item", we recommend checking off the count options so that it does not show up when you are counting. 

  2. When you are receiving your order, add the fuel, shipping, etc. item to your invoice by searching for the item in the box where you add a product. Add in the quantity, and update the price if needed!

  3. When you return a keg, make sure to add this as a NEGATIVE amount!
    For example, if a keg deposit is $30 and you get a return put the invoice/pl quantity as -1
    MarketMan will automatically calculate for you that you get $30 back! 

 Mastering Keg Tracking - Know your on-hand kegs
  •  It is actually quite easy to track your kegs- as long as you're entering them properly on the invoices and remember to enter them in negative qty when you return them - the purchase by items report will show you how many you should have by adding up all of your purchases and returns.
    The totals will show you how many you should have on hand, and the details will show you all the deliveries and returns in detail:
  • You can also see this information on the on-hand indication, but you'll need a starting count at least once every 60 days. 

    If you'd like to track it, consult your success manager for best options and practices for your place.


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