What is the daily email? 

MarketMan is sending out a summary email every day (or every week, up to you!) to keep you up to date about all the activities in the account, at the comfort of your inbox!

If you are a Chain Manager in an HQ, the summary email will be for all locations rolled up into one email!

Why should I use it?
  1. Easily monitor the important metrics for you
  2. Make sure you're adjusting your daily email setup. Getting EVERYTHING is not always helpful. Make sure you're picking the relevant information for you, so this email is valuable and not just noise :)
  1. Go to "Settings" > "Daily email"
    It is important to clarify: this function is not available for "employee" user types. 
  2. At the top, select the best time for you to receive this email.
  3. For each report option, select the frequency you want: You can select between daily, weekly or never, for the ones you don't find relevant for your current needs.
    This can be changed at any point.
 What every part means, and what to use it for?

Here's the list of items that could be added to your daily/weekly email, and what you can do with it:

  • Price Changes - Based on when the price of an inventory item updates. This happens either during receiving or by using the irregular prices report.
    Use for: Making sure prices are as agreed with the supplier. Making sure employees don't tick the "update price" by mistake.
  • Unmatched Prices - Similar to price change but only based on price differences that were not updated during receive orders 
    Use for: Tracking suppliers for constant price changes and assessment of supplier's service quality.  
  • Shorts & Subs - When the quantity is different between receiving an order and what you ordered/paid for
    Use for: Understanding if your suppliers are shorting you a lot 
  • Order Comments - Alert will be added if a user included a note with the order
    Use for: Tracking orders and making sure employees will not add items to order in the comments
  • Order Receive Comments - Alert will be added if a user included a note on the invoice / delivery note. This happens usually when there are issues with the invoice.
    Use for: Tracking accounting issues in correlation with the orders, on the go, instead of once a month.
  • Daily Orders Sent - Summary of all orders that were sent out today / this week.
    Use for: Overseeing orders, especially if ordering is divided between a few employees.
  • Daily Orders Received - Summary of all orders that were received today / this week via Receive Orders.       
    Use for: Making sure employees are entering invoices on regular basis                                                                                                  
  • Orders Sent After Cut-off - Get notified of orders that are sent to the supplier with an irregular delivery day/time
    Use for: Tracking employees' timings, and maintenance of a good supplier-buyer relationship.
  • Open Orders - List of orders that were delivered (based on delivery date) but not yet Received thru Marketman. We also have a report for that!
    Use for: Keeping tabs on manager/employees in charge of "receiving" in the system.
  • Open Invoices - Will show all invoices that are saved as a draft aka not fully saved
    Use for: Making sure all Received orders are saved correctly, so all inventory calculations are correct. (items in draft are not added to stock)
  • Production Log - List of all production events during the day / week
    Use for: Making sure all productions are added to the system, in order to maintain stock properly. This is also a great way to track your pars
  • Scanned Invoices - List of all scanned invoices
    Use for: Making sure employees are entering invoices on regular basis     
  • Food Cost Alert
    Alert will be received if: 
       1. We have set up the desired food cost percentage per menu item
       2. An ingredient of menu item had a price change and the food cost is now exceeding the desired percentage
    Use for: Maintaining a profitable menu for the long run. Auto-monitoring of price change effects.
  • Waste Events - List of all waste events during the day / week
    Use for: Making sure all wastes were indeed added to the system, in order to maintain stock properly
  • Products Added / Removed - Alert will be added if during Receiving a user added items to the order using free text (instead of supplier's item from the system)
    Use for: keeping tabs on items that need to be added, or items that were removed.
  • New Items - List of new inventory items OR menu items that were added to the system   
    Use for: Great way to see what items need to be marked for count and added to categories, expense accounts, and storage areas. Check the recommended weekly steps to maintain new items
    For menu items this will notify you to add a recipe as well!
Extra tips - from the experts!
  •  This feature is a unique setup for every user - every manager should set their own by logging into their account and selecting the time and frequency 
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