How do I split inventory items?

What is splitting doing? 

Looking to split out purchases from an inventory item?
Sometimes we merge inventory items by mistake and then need to split them. No problem!

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items"
    And select the item you're looking to split by ticking the box next to it.

  2. Click on "Actions" > "Bulk update"
    Then select "Split items" from the list.

  3. When splitting, you can choose to split out only 1 item out of a bunch. You can also select all of the items, if you want to split back all of the purchase options.
    Select ONE of the items on the list, then click "Save".

  4. MarketMan will prompt you to enter a new name and category for the split item.
    You can easily copy the name from the purchase item preview, and paste it on the top.
    Don't forget to hit "Save"!
 Mastering Splitting - Split purchase options into 2 merged items!

If your merged item includes more than 3 purchase options, you might find yourself splitting the existing item into 2 merged items.
To do this, select the item, click on "Actions" > "Bulk update"  > "Split items"

In the pop-up, select multiple items for splitting out, then click "Save".

You'll be prompted to add a name and category just like when splitting single items, but this time the new item will be a merged one!



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