Storage areas and Shelf to Sheet inventory counts


What is it?

Storage areas in MarketMan allow you to designate a "home" for each of your inventory items. The storage area is where you store the item- and every item can be added to as many areas as needed.
Once you set the storage area, you can count your inventory and place orders by sorting your items to the different storage areas. 
You can also organize your items the way they are sitting on the shelves, we call this "Shelf-to-Sheet".

Why should I use it?
  1. Counting your items based on their location is faster and easier that running back and forth around the place, whether you'll be going alphabetically or by categories/suppliers. 
    Counting by storage makes the most sense- you'll count everything that's right here in front of you, and then move to the next area and do the same.
  2. Designating storage areas in real life, and keeping the order in your storage rooms is a key aspect in saving money on inventory. Having a set "home" for each item is often the first step in getting everything under tight control and driving your COGs down.
  3. If you're using shelf to sheet, you're less likely to miss out or skip an item.

  4. If you count every storage area on a separate sheet, MarketMan will combine all the quantities for you on the reports as long as it's the same date and time.
    This is a great way to count items that are housed in more than 1 storage area.
HOW TO - Step by Step

Creating storage areas:

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Storage areas"
    To add a new on, click on "Add" at the top right.
    To edit an existing - click on the storage area name.

  2. Type in the area name - make it specific so it's easy for everyone to follow
    Kitchen 1 = not so great 
    Kitchen back shelves = much better

Now that we have the storage areas available, you need to assign items to them.
The easiest would be to do it in bulk, but you can also do this for every item individually. 

Assigning items into storage areas - bulk:

  1. Select the inventory items you want to add to one storage area, and click "Actions" > "Bulk update".
    You sort by category or supplier, so you could use the "select all" for bulk update and save yourself some clicks! 

  2. Select "Storage areas" from the drop-down list
    Then tick the boxes next to each area you want the items to be assigned in.

  3. You can also remove items from storage area by selecting "delete"
    Or by selecting "Set" = which will override any existing storage areas for the selected item(s).

Assigning items into storage areas - individually:

  1. Click into any inventory item and scroll down to the "Storage areas" section

  2. Select the storage areas you want to assign to this item.
    Don't forget to hit "Save" when you're done!
Mastering Storage areas Shelf-to-Sheet counts
  1.  Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory counts" and add a new count.
  2. Filter by the storage area you want to reorganize. To do this, click on "All storage areas" and select the one you want.
    Once selected, you'll see a "sort" button appear on the top right. Click "Sort".
  3.  You'll see small arrows on the left to each item name. Simply click the arrow next to the item, and drag it in the order you want to reorganize however you need! 
    Don't forget to hit "Save" when you're done!
    Every new count you'll open will show in the order you just saved.
HOW TO - On the app!

The app isn't the best way to enter new storage areas or to organize the count shelf-to-sheet - it's not designed for it, and it will be much easier to do all that on the web.
But if you urgently need to add or move something and all you have around is your phone-
we got you covered!

Shelf to Sheet on the app:

  1. Click into an inventory count, and select which storage area you want to start with.

  2. Click the "Sort" button and drag and drop your items re-organize your items as they are stored in real life. You can swipe to the left to choose that the item should go to the top or bottom or you can just drag and drop. Make sure to hit "Save Sorting" when you're done!


Extra tips - from the experts!
  • If you don't have a list of your items as they are on the shelf yet, don't worry about creating one.
    The easiest way to set this is to take your phone and take pictures of EVERYTHING the way it is on the shelves. Then just come back to MarketMan and work with the images for speedy setup.

  • If you're still shifting things around a lot, and finding places for new items, you might wanna wait a bit before setting up the storage areas so you don't work on setting this twice.



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