How do I fill to par when ordering?


What is Fill to par? 

MarketMan will calculate your needed quantities for ordering, based on your on-hand inventory value and the pars you set for your account, per item.
To use it, you should set the par levels for your items first, the easiest way to do this is on the ordering screen, on the web.

HOW TO USE "FILL TO PAR" - Step by Step
  1. Go to "Orders" > "Place orders"
    Then select a supplier or category

  2. Click on "Actions" > "Fill to par"
    You'll be prompted to approve overriding of any existing order drafts,
    If you want to be a bit more advanced you can also fill to par for a specific item! You can do so by clicking the blue arrow.
    Once you fill to par you will see the arrows change to green check marks designating the order is filled correctly!
  3. When you fill to par it automatically fills in the on hand. It will suggest what to order by taking the par level and subtracting the on hand from that.
    An order will be suggested for you, for this supplier.
    You can change the details and quantities of the order on the cart draft, by clicking the item name.

  4. Repeat for other suppliers / categories as needed.
HOW TO USE "FILL TO PAR" - On the app!
  1. Go to "Orders" and select the supplier you want to order from
    Then click on the blue plus button to fill to par! 
  2. Check the draft order in the cart, change it as needed, and send!
  3. Repeat for other suppliers as needed.
 How do we calculate how much to suggest?

There is a 50% threshold for on hand. If your on hand is more then 50% of a case then we do not suggest an order. If your on hand is 50% or less then we suggest an order.

For example. Par level for bacon above is 6 cases. If you have 3.25 cases we will suggest you order 3 cases. If you have 3.75 cases we will suggest you order 2 cases. 



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