What if you do not integrate with my POS? - Manually upload sales data


How does sales upload helping me? 

If we do not currently integrate with your POS system, you can still upload your sales summaries.
Even if we do integrate with your POS, you might have some sales from non-integrated sources, like delivery or catering platforms, and this is the opportunity for you to upload sales from those and look at the big picture in reports.

We recommend uploading this on either a weekly or monthly basis, but you can, of course, upload daily
as well! 


One major tip before we get into the process:
You should be able to download sales summaries from your POS that have all the necessary information. Usually, this report will be called Product Mix - We need the list of items in detail.

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Sales Summary"
    And click on "Upload daily sales"
    If you do not see this button available here, please do the following:

a. go to Settings>Company, and select the POS tab at the top

b.  Click the 'Add new' button at the top right corner

c. In the new POS option that opened up, select Manual Extended from the dropdown menu under POS Type

d. You can name the new manual POS in any name you want

e. Don't forget to click Save at the top right corner of the screen

After adding the button, let's get back to uploading the sales file-

2. Go back to the Sales Summary page>click Upload Daily Sales and click on "Download sample file" to get the format and account details you'll need for the upload.

3. Open up the excel file and start with the dates - change the beginning and end dates.
For the total revenue - we'll add a summary function later!mceclip2.png

4. Begin filling out the columns. Column F (Sales including tax) is NOT mandatory and can be left empty. Just remember to remove the total including tax as well if you're leaving column F empty.

Every column provides a sample. Hopefully, your POS report provides with the needed information so you can simply copy-paste from that export.
If your POS doesn't provide with (some of) the needed details, please reach out to your success manager for help- we'll get you set up with an excel upload you could use ongoing! 

Menu item name: The name of the menu item. This does not have to match the menu item name in MarketMan

Menu item code: POS Code from the POS system. This has to be the exact same as the menu item in MarketMan for sales to be added to the existing menu item.

Menu item list price: How much you sell the menu item for (excl. tax)

Quantity sold: How many of the menu items you have sold in that time period.

Sales total excl tax: Total revenue received for the item, excluding tax = Menu item list price times quantity sold, minus any discounts. Or column C times column D.

Sales total incl tax: Total revenue received for the item, including tax.

  1. We still need to add the calculation of totals on the top! You can use the "AutoSum" function for that, and when prompted, just select all cells (E8:End):

    Total revenue excl. tax: The total amount of sales for that time period. This should equal the sum of column E

    Total revenue incl. tax: The total amount of sales for that time period. This should equal the sum of column F


    Don't forget to hit Save!
  1.  Go to "Inventory" > "Sales summary"
    Then click on "Upload daily sales"
  2. Click on "Choose files" and select the file you want to upload, then click on "Upload"

  3. Wait for the upload to finish. Do not leave the page or navigate away.
    You'll see an indication for the process:

    Then a completion message:

  4. Once uploaded, click the Sync With POS button to refresh your data. This may take a few minutes, but you will then begin to see your menu items and sales update.  

 Mastering sales upload - Understanding how reports work

Keep in mind: on the reports, you'll only see information for the FULL period of time only.
This means, if you upload sales for the full month, and looking at reports for the 1-29, you'll see NO SALES records at all.

If your inventory counts are done on a weekly basis and not a monthly basis, you should consider uploading sales weekly in order to be able to look t reports alongside the counts, especially for the COGs report and actual VS theoretical report where both counts and sales play an important role!


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