How can I bulk update inventory items?


What is "Bulk Update"? 

MarketMan allows you to apply new "rules" for a bunch of items together, so you can save time when managing items!

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items"
  2. Select the items you want to update.
    You can do this by ticking the boxes next to each item, 
    Or by using the "select all" button on the top left:

  3. Click on "Actions" > "Bulk update"
  4. From here- there's so much you can do!
    Click on the drop-down to select the action you want to take, and follow the instructions on the screen to save your selection.


HOW TO BULK UPDATE in a chain (HQ)

Follow steps 1-3 above to reach the list of actions.
In the HQ - you have available:

In the locations, you have available:

 Mastering Bulk Updates - Use filtering and "select all" for super quick completion

If you need to add items to a storage area, for example, you can make use of the categories to speed up your setup / managing process.
If you filter by category at the top, you could single out all "produce" items, for example, then "select all" and add the storage area using bulk update.

You can filter by category, supplier and storage area at the same time, or just by one.


The "select all" functionality can help you a lot even if not EVERYTHING on the list need to be managed. Sometimes, selecting all, then unselecting a few manually- would be faster and easier than selecting a large qty manually.





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