Helpful Tips When Scanning Invoices


1. You can scan invoices by taking pictures in-app, or by scanning them and uploading from a computer.

2. Make sure to scan one invoice at a time- Every invoice number is one scan!

trying to scan multiple invoices in one go will result in failed scans.

3. If you have an invoice with 2 or more pages - scan them together.

4. Sometimes you'll get 2 invoices for 1 order, those should be scanned separately.

5. Scan the one with most items attached to the order, and the other one as "receive without order"

6. Are you scanning grocery receipts (those long long slips)?
- Break this entry into a few images to help our team see the items clearly.
- Take a picture with overlapping items in the last line and first line of each part, this way the team will         have an easier time making the "puzzle" and balancing this invoice.

7. Having a hard time taking clear images?
- Move closer to the window. Natural light is the best and easiest to work with.
- Note the shadows you're creating and try to avoid them by rotating the page
- Hold your breath while taking the shot (it DOES help!)

8. Finally, below are the reasons for failed scans, please make sure to avoid those-

  1. Invoice already exists
    An invoice with this same invoice number has already been received/scanned through MarketMan.
    What should I do? - Nothing. You're all set!
  2. Multiple Invoices scanned in / Wrong Order Scanned in
    This is one of the most common reasons invoices are rejected.
    This means that you have scanned in multiple orders/invoices into one MarketMan invoice! It is important to scan each invoice in separately.
    What should I do? - Scan the invoices again, this time separately! Every invoice # is ONE entry.

  3. Missing total with VAT/total without VAT
    The invoice does not have a total on it and in turn, we are not able to receive it correctly.
    What should I do? - Scan again, make sure you're taking a picture of the whole page, or the second page if needed!
  4. Images are not clear
    This means that we were unable to read the invoice because it was too blurry.
    Or it was handwritten and we cannot read the handwriting.
    What should I do? - Scan again, make sure you're taking a clear image. 
  5. There is no invoice number
    It looks like the invoice does not have a number.
    Sometimes we will try to use the order number and date for this in order to avoid rejecting
    What should I do? - Scan again, make sure to include the whole page, invoice number as well.
  6. The type of doc does not appear
    We are trying to receive the invoice but we are not able to actually see the invoice that was uploaded.
    What should I do? - Scan again, make sure you're scanning an invoice!
  7. Cannot process invoices from official suppliers
    By default, we do not allow scanning for official suppliers as the items need to come from the suppliers catalog. However, you can turn this on in the supplier settings to allow this if you would like!
    What should I do? - If you want to be able to scan those suppliers, update the supplier settings!
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